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When you join the Joyful World Tribe, you get 

  • Access to 100% pure, certified organic, and non-GMO essential oils and products from Young Living: a world leader in the essential oils industry

  • Members-only deals and an unlimited 24% discount off of every order

  • Access to a unique community of oily enthusiasts 

  • Members-only educational resources to ease you into the world of oils, or to simply expand your oily repertoire

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Welcome to Joyful World Essentials!

My name’s Madi! I’m passionate about teaching women about essential oils and how to use natural, toxic-free products in their homes, all for the goal of detoxifying their lifestyles and restoring their health. 

My story with essential oils started in 2018. After dabbling with cheap brands I found on the internet, I found Young Living (read some background on YL here). Soon after purchasing products from this awesome company, I began a 2+ year journey to replace toxic products with more natural products in my home -- and I did this while staying budget-mindful!

During that same time, I began to research how to naturally support my hormones. I struggled with hormone imbalances most of my life, and my doctor told me I would have a very difficult time becoming pregnant, as my prolactin levels were off the charts. 

Through all of my research, I discovered Progessence Plus, a Young Living product that contains wild yam extract that has been shown to naturally support and balance hormones. I also decided to visit a naturopathic doctor, who suggested that I change my diet and add supplements to my routine, in addition to essential oil therapy. 

At last, in August of 2019, I found out we were expecting our first child, Ella Joy! What a blessing she is to us!

Now, in community with 200+ women pursuing natural health options for their families, I run Joyful World Essentials based on this belief: That you deserve as many resources as possible to take care of your health and home -- naturally and safely. 

Disclaimer: This is my personal health journey. I’m not a doctor, so I always recommend checking with your doctor before you add new products to your routine. 

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Why Choose Us?

You probably have seen essential oils at your local grocery store for $1 and thought, "Perfect! Essential oils are healthy, so I'll buy this cheap essential oil to pursue toxic-free living -- and it fits within my budget!" 

The problem with this is that the essential oil industry is not regulated AT ALL. So, for a company to claim essential oils are pure, the product only has to contain between 1-5% of actual essential oil. 

To make matters even more complex, in order to receive full benefits from essential oils, proper growing and harvesting processes and dilution time are REQUIRED -- otherwise, critical chemical properties are left out.

Take CYPRESS essential oil for example, which has 280 known chemical constituents:

  • 20 hours of distillation = 20 properties.

  • 26 hours of distillation = you get NONE of the properties.

  • Most market cypress is distilled for 3.5 hours.

  • The correct length of time for distilling cypress is 24 hours to get all 280 properties.

Thankfully, Young Living takes pride in caring for all the aspects and processes that go into creating pure and whole essential oils. And here’s how:

  • Young Living is the only essential oil company that owns their farms and distilleries (and you can go visit them anytime!!).

  • ⁣⁣Young Living opts to pull weeds by hand, rather than spray chemicals on their plants before they turn into the precious oils.

  • ⁣⁣Young Living is a certified organic and non-GMO company -- which is not an easy task to undergo.⁣⁣

  • ⁣⁣Young Living is the only company that works with the FDA (thus, why I don’t recommend ingesting or cooking with essential oils from other brands). ⁣⁣

Joyful World Essentials Is Here For You

Live Life Joyfully

Improve your mental wellbeing with scents of JOY, peace, happiness, and more! 

Clean Your Home Safely

Be the safeguard of our earth and your home by replacing harsh chemical cleaners with environmentally-safe oils and products.

Restore Your Health Naturally

Diffuse therapeutic-grade essential oils to supplement your wellness routine


When you purchase from Young Living, you simultaneously support my family and my small business (thank you, thank you, thank you)!!! ⁣⁣

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What Can Essential Oils Do For You?

For the body:

Support your immune system, supplement your diet, enhance your beauty routine, support your emotional wellness, and more.

For the home:

Non-toxic cleaning, environment purification, and scents to make your home smell heavenly!

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