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Here's 10 fun facts about me.

1. Anything dark chocolate and peanut butter is my jam. 

2. I'm coffee obsessed but currently trying to reduce my daily intake. 

3. Blue is the color of the outfit I wore when my parents brought me home from the hospital and it's my favorite color to this day!

4. I am a wife and momma to be (Ella Joy arriving in May 2020). 

5. I love Jesus. I love spending time with Him and singing to Him. 

6. For my 18th birthday a bunch of my friends threw me a surprise party where everyone gifted me with pens, journals, planners and office supplies. I love organization! 

7. I soak up podcasts like candy. Current favorites are Made For This, Shailey and Katie's Lemonade Stand, and Stuff You Missed In History. 

8. I love leading worship. I've been doing so for most of my life and there's nothing better than spending hours in God's presence. 

9. My husband and I lived in Haiti for almost a year. I've worked for several non-profits throughout my post-college days.  

10. My guilty pleasure candy is sour gummy worms. I love them. I know they are terrible for me so I avoid eating them except on a rare occasion. 

You can find me hanging out most days on Instagram and Pinterest! Let's be friends! 

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