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3 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Swaps

Did you know when you throw plastic bags and other plastic materials in the ocean, it kills as many as 1 million sea creatures annually?

Did you know recycling a glass bottle results in 20% less air pollution & 50% less water pollution than when a new bottle is made from raw materials?

Both of these pieces of information I gathered from eco-friendly websites. You can visit their sites for more information by clicking on one of the questions posted above.

One of my personal goals for the new year is to bring less plastic into our home and more eco-friendly products. I recently switched my plastic toothbrush to a compostable bamboo toothbrush and I'm actively attempting more DIYs rather than buying products that could increase unnecessary waste.

I am not an expert. Many people I know could probably offer better advice on this subject. But for our family, this is our starting point and we can only improve from here.

Here are the 3 eco-friendly kitchen swaps we've made in our home:

1. Crochet VS Plastic Kitchen Scrubbie

My crochet kitchen scrubbie has lasted me for 2+ years. I seriously find it works far better than most of the plastic ones I used to purchase. I do need to order a new crochet scrubbie soon as my current one is unraveling. I did an Instagram poll to see where to find more. The replies verified you can find the crochet scrubbie on Etsy, Amazon, local Farmers Market or make your own!

2. Bamboo VS Plastic Scrub Brush

I scored my bamboo scrub brush from TJ Maxx with a Christmas gift card for $2.99! You can also find wonderful options from Amazon. Click here to read about why we should be switching to bamboo products!

3. Beeswax VS Plastic Wrap

Beeswax is a great alternative to plastic wrap! You can even DIY your own beeswax wrap and I'd love to try this DIY soon. For my first purchase I found an affordable option on Amazon. Most plastic wrap isn't recyclable or biodegradable. Here's an interesting article that National Geographic posted about the topic of plastic wrap in 2019.

Our family is in the baby steps of making changes so if you come visit my house you will find many items that are not eco-friendly. I hope this post encourages you to simply begin your journey and don't let the evil voice of comparison stop you from trying to make your home more eco-friendly.

The three options I mentioned about cost me $12 total. Non-toxic, low-toxic and eco-friendly products does not have to cost you a fortunate! Make a budget and a plan to start changing your products over time.

Young Living has made this affordable for our family in terms of purchasing low-toxic and creating non-toxic products. We get an affordable "holistic Amazon Prime" box that includes household items, supplements, soap, make up, essential oils and more! The minimum to sign up is $50 a month so for us we switched part of our grocery budget to Young Living so we could get free products and up to 25% cash back. I'm forever thankful for this affordable option for our family! If you'd like more information, send me an email {} or shoot me a message on Instagram!

What eco-friendly swaps are you making in your home?



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