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3 Ingredient Hot Cocoa

Once the weather changes to the fall and winter seasons, I'm ready to make my home as cozy as possible. Some of my cozy home must haves includes the softest blankets you can find (Amazon has this insane blue ombre throw that I've been eyeing), a constant supply of warm beverages (hot tea, hot cider, hot cocoa, coffee) and a new book (or five) to read!

I usually stock up on the $1 hot cocoa mix from the grocery store, but this year I decided to try something different! I made my own DIY 3 ingredient Hot Cocoa mix and it is SO delicious. I can never, I repeat NEVER, go back to the cheap store bought mix. The homemade hot cocoa tastes so much better and is also healthier. I do not need the added sugar that comes in the store bought mix!

Here's my simple 3 ingredient recipe!

The recipe is for a single serving, so adjust accordingly if you are making a larger batch!

Step 1: Choose your milk preference (almond, coconut, regular - whatever is best for you).

I usually go with unsweetened almond milk to cut back on adding more dairy to my diet.

Step 2: Heat 8 oz of your milk of choice on the stove.

I prefer my small stainless steal pot that's perfect for individual servings for any recipe.

Step 3: Mix together 1 tablespoon of organic hot cocoa and 1 tablespoon organic stevia. Add to milk on the stove.

Stir until the ingredients are completely mixed together and the milk starts bubbling.

Step 4: Add Peppermint Essential Oil {optional}.

Because the essential oil is so concentrated, 1-2 drops of Peppermint is typically too strong for an individual cup of hot cocoa (also the equivalent to drinking up to 22 cups of peppermint tea). I recommend dipping a toothpick or fork into the essential oil bottle (remove the dropper from the top of the bottle first) and then slowly stir your toothpick into the hot cocoa.

This provides the perfect hint of peppermint flavoring and will also support your body's digestive system. Win-win!

Now you can cozy up with your favorite blanket, a new book and the perfect cup of homemade hot cocoa for the coziest vibes.

Did you love the recipe?

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