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4 Tips for Using Essential Oils for Your Kids

Essential Oils are wonderful natural tools that we can use to support our health and home. If you are new to essential oils, read this blog post first.

Each family will be presented with so many decisions for their health and home. I always tell my friends to trust your mama gut when it comes to using essential oils around or on your littles.

Many of my mom friends choose to wait to use essential oils on their kids until they are at least one year old. Some mamas only use Lavender Essential Oil for the first year of life. Some mamas feel more comfortable using other oils in addition to Lavender. A great book to invest in for more information is called Gentle Babies. You can find it on Amazon here.

Regardless of what your family decides to do, there are several safety protocols you should follow when using essential oils on your kiddos.

1. Always dilute.

Dilute, dilute, dilute. Use organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, or some other carrier oil to dilute the essential oils based on the age of the child. Young Living has a great safety dilution guide on their blog. You can also opt to only use pre-diluted oils for babies and kids. Young Living makes custom, pre-diluted blends for kids called Kidscents. They even released a new Little Oiler's Stater Kit for kids that includes the most adorable Owl Diffuser. Learn more here.

2. Avoid "hot" oils.

Essential Oils like Peppermint or Wintergreen have a wonderful cooling sensation that support general aches and pains but can be considered "hot" to the skin. Skip these essential oils for your littles.

3. Wait until 3 months or older!

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy says to wait until your baby is 3 months or more. You can check out their safety standards here.

4. Start small and slow.

The bottoms of the feet are generally considered to not be a super sensitive part of the skin so it's a great place to begin applying essential oils topically. Add 1-2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil to the diffuser. Make a DIY Sleep Spray with 1 drop of Lavender, a splash of witch hazel and water to use before bed. Start small and slow. Test new oils on a small area and continue use if you do not notice any reactions within 24 hours.

As always, talk to your doctor. I am not a doctor and do not intend to use this information as medical advice. Have questions? Email me at

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