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Adopt A Senior Challenge

Loneliness and isolation are major problems in our society - agreed? And I hate how it’s impacting seniors and especially those in nursing homes.

They cannot see their families for Christmas and many haven’t had any visitors since March.

Today I spent an hour talking to an older couple at the store. Their daughter isn’t coming home for Christmas and they are lonely. I know they aren’t the only ones!

A few people I follow on Instagram have been doing a Venmo Challenge around the holidays. I’ve watched their online community buy plane tickets for people to get home for Christmas, help out local charities, etc and so I thought I’d love to do that for my local community!!!

In one weekend Adopt a Senior Challenge has officially raised $1,110!!!!!

This money is going to purchase a gift for EVERY single resident at two local nursing homes in our area.

One nursing home will also receive homemade cinnamon rolls made by a local for all the staff and residents.

Each nursing home will also have coffee sent from local coffee shops.

Calendars, activity books, crossword searches, coloring books, foaming hand soap, winter hats and gloves, floral arrangements and sweet treats are also being sent.

This is also going to help small businesses locally! We all know they need so much support to survive 2020.

And send a $250 donation to a local nutrition center that feeds seniors ($4 = one meal).

I AM IN AWE! Look what God has done!!!

Two of my friends have called their local nursing homes to send donations as well!!! I LOVE seeing that ripple effect happening. 🤯

If you feel led to give there’s still a few things we’d like to provide in addition to what is mentioned above:

•shampoo for every resident (requested)

•more calendars (we have 8 right now)

•locally sourced baked goods

•pay off overdue utility bills for local seniors (a local friend suggested this!!)

50 cents goes a long way!!! 🥰 Thank you for being a blessing!!!!

Venmo: Madison-Dick-495



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