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Bloom + Sprout Giveaway

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Did you know that you can diffuse essential oils with jewelry accessories?! I'm so thankful for meeting new friends who are creative, passionate about holistic health and combine the two pursuits to make beautiful things.

Meet my sweet friend, Kelly! I invited Kelly to share her story and passion for essential oils and her Etsy shop, Bloom and Sprout. Read to the end to find out about how you can win an essential oil bracelet from Kelly and get an exclusive limited-time discount code.

Hello, friends! My name is Kelly. I am a mom of two, passionate about natural wellness, emotional health, mindfulness and the Arts. A little over 3 years ago, I found myself living in excruciating pain. Every day, I was having migraines, back pain and unexplained rashes. A friend of mine sent me some essential oils to help with my emotions. I also began going to therapy. Slowly, I integrated oil use, herbs, and affirmations into my daily routine and began to see improvement. Today, I am not the same gal! I have seen the very large role that our minds and positive energy play in overall wellness.

>>The name Bloom and Sprout came about because I wanted to convey my love for the power of plants as well as growth, both big and small. <<

I began making a few different wood bracelets for people to add essential oils to, and slowly incorporated crystals for the added good vibes. My hope is to continue to grow my shop into more than just jewelry. The ultimate goal is to fill the space with different items that make you feel good, and help inner healing. I also believe in the power of healing through the arts - such as music, art and theatre - so eventually I will try to integrate that as well. I make all my stuff at my kitchen table, usually listening to music and I can promise you that everything is loaded with lots of love and good energy. As Bloom and Sprout grows, so do I and I am able to extend my reach and help others!

From May 18-22, enjoy an exclusive discount at the Bloom and Sprout Etsy Shop! Use the promo code JOYFUL15 for a 15% off discount. You also have the opportunity to enter to win a free Bloom + Sprout bracelet this week! To enter to win, make sure to follow Kelly (@bloomandsprout) and I (@joyfulworldessentials) on Instagram and tag at least one friend in the comments! For additional entries, tag us both in your Instagram stories! The winner will be announced on May 22 at 8 PM CST. This giveaway open to the USA only!

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