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Caffeine Free Latte

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy was that I couldn't stand the taste and smell of coffee. When I told my husband that I thought coffee tasted like dirt one day, he told me to go take a pregnancy test.

Turns out, my husband was right and we were expecting with our Ella Joy. Thankfully the coffee aversion really only lasted during the first trimester. If you know me, you know how much I love coffee. I can almost always be found with a coffee cup in my hand. My caffeine levels were really unhealthy though so I consider the coffee aversion to be a blessing in disguise.

Caffeine can definitely increase my overall anxiety, interfere with my sleep and cause me to be dehydrated. I was definitely addicted to the caffeine and mood boost I would get from my 3, 4, 5th cup of coffee. If you decided to reduce your caffeine intake or quit completely, you may experience some of these symptoms.

I drink about one cup of coffee a day now, which is a significant decrease in my overall consumption.Yet sometimes in the afternoon I just want another cozy drink in my hands so I made this caffeine free coconut milk latte and it's so delicious I had to share.

Instead of another beloved cup of coffee, I reached for the instant dandelion blend. The Dandy Blend is caffeine free, gluten free and does not have any bitterness or acidity. The taste is similar to espresso so it gives me that "coffee" taste without the negatives of drinking more caffeine. You can read some benefits to drinking dandelion root here.

Here's the steps I followed to make my caffeine free latte:

Step 1: Heat coconut milk (or milk of choice).

Step 2: Add the Dandy Blend.

Step 3: Use a toothpick to add Peppermint Essential Oil.

Step 4: Froth milk and enjoy!

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