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DEW MIGHTY: Zero Waste Skin Care

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

According to, 300 million tons of plastic are created each year, half of which is mostly for the purpose of single use only. Additionally, 8 million tons of plastic makes its way to the ocean each year, destroying our precious resources.

When I read information and data about plastic consumption I quickly become overwhelmed. It seems like single use plastic products are everywhere and it's difficult to avoid them. This year, I made one of my 2020 goals to reduce our family's overall plastic consumption. We've made several eco-friendly swaps in our kitchen and have a long list of other products to swap in the near future. Read a post here that has inspired me entitled 100 Steps to a Plastic Free Life.

I am also a bit of a geek when it comes to incorporating natural tools in our home and prefer to buy products with nontoxic ingredients. When I first found DEW MIGHTY on Instagram I was immediately intrigued by the company's mission towards creating zero waste skin care products. Read more about why DEW MIGHTY strives to be zero waste here.

Not only is DEW MIGHTY'S skin care line zero waste, but the natural ingredient list will make you excited. Here's what I found in the DEW MIGHTY BLOOM (Nourish + Calm) Jelly Serum Bar: Blue Chamomile Oil, Blue Tansy Flower Oil, Hibiscus Seed Oil, Jasmin Flower Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Licorice Extract, Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, Vitamin C, Olive Ester, Squalane, Silica, Monoi De Tahiti and Magnolia Bark Extract.

This unique ingredient combination will help your skin:

-add light and long lasting nourishing moisture

-even spots and brighten your skin tone

-calm and reduce redness and inflammation

-smooth and keep skin's youthful glow

To use the Bloom (Nourish + Calm) Jelly Serum Bar simply massage the bar directly on your skin. You do not even have to use water to clean your skin! In addition, one Bloom (Nourish + Calm) Jelly Serum Bar will last you about 60 days.

I have been using the Bloom (Nourish + Calm) Jelly Serum Bar for about a week now and my skin is happy with the change. As a new mom I do not have lots of time to invest in a multi-step skin care routine so using DEW MIGHTY'S Bloom (Nourish + Calm) Jelly Serum Bar has made my life much easier. I finish my skin care routine morning and night with my DIY Eye Serum to help those dark circles under my tired eyes.

All of DEW MIGHTY'S products are cruelty free, plastic free, vegan, and compostable. Want to try DEW MIGHTY at a discount? Get 20% off with the code 20DEWSTART for your first dynamic duo starter kit purchase.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by DEW MIGHTY contains affiliate links through my Amazon Storefront. If you click on the links and make a purchase I may earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. All opinions are my own and I only endorse companies that I genuinely recommend.

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