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DIY Body Spray

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I used to load up on all the Bath and Body Works body sprays every year. It was a terrible addiction like eating too much candy. But once I started learning about avoiding toxic chemicals and the word "fragrance" in the home I made major changes with where my money went. Now, I DIY many of the items I used to purchase simply because I know the ingredients going into the product and I like saving money.

Here's my simple DIY Body Spray recipe:

Step 1. Purchase or re-use an old spray bottle.

Etsy (my friend Shelby's shop - Sonnel Essentials - is where I would look first), Amazon and even estate sales are where I would look if you don't have an empty spray bottle laying around your house. My spray bottle was gifted to me by my friend Brhea. She's definitely an expert on making glorious essential oil sprays and perfumes. You should follow her on Instagram for more inspiration!

2. Decide on an essential oil combination.

This part could be grueling if you are a naturally indecisive person. To ease your mental sanity, I'll provide a few options for you to choose from.

Woodland Fairy: 20 drops Valor, 30 drops Cedarwood, 30 drops Highest Potential

Warm Vanilla Sugar: 50 drops Stress Away, 10 drops pure vanilla

Boho Queen: 20 drops Patchouli, 30 drops Orange, 30 drops Cedarwood

Floral Goddess: 50 drops Joy, 30 drops Lemon

3. Add Witch Hazel or Epsom Salts.

Oil and water don't mix so adding witch hazel or pure unscented epsom salts is the easy fix to that situation! Only add a splash of witch hazel or a small amount of epsom salts to your spray bottle.

4. Fill spray bottle with water.

5. Add organic lavender buds (optional).

I love the look of adding organic floral buds to any perfume or body spray. Amazon is my favorite place to purchase organic floral buds for a great price. You could also check local shops in your area.

I choose organic lavender buds because it is so versatile and I can use lavender for multiple DIY recipes. Amazon has tons of wonderful, colorful, creative options though! Look through my Amazon storefront for more inspiration.

Now you are ready to enjoy your DIY Body Spray!

Did you love this recipe?

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