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DIY Chest Rub

One of my most annoying pregnancy symptoms is constant congestion - stuffy nose and a slightly sore throat being the main issues. I am almost entering into my third trimester and my overall ability to breathe normally seems to be decreasing as well. I whipped up a DIY Chest Rub to help support my body as I deal with these pregnancy symptoms.

I am not one to gravitate towards the super complex DIY recipes so for this DIY you only need three simple ingredients. I re-used an old container that stored my Young Living Rose Ointment to make the DIY Chest Rub, but any upcycled glass jar or storage container will work! I really like using the Ball widemouth 8 oz mason jars too (perfect size for the DIY Coconut Scrub, DIY Bath Salts, etc).

DIY Chest Rub Ingredient List:

~ Organic Coconut Oil

~ SniffleEase Essential Oil

~ Peppermint Essential Oil

Other essential oils that would be great for this recipe include R.C. Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Radiata Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil, Eucalptus Blue Essential Oil or Raven Essential Oil.

Use whatever essential oils you have in your pantry!

I really like using SniffleEase to make the DIY Chest Rub because it's a wonderful combination of many of the oils I listed above: Eucalyptus Blue, Palo Santo, Lavender, Ravintsara, Dorado Azul and R.C. Essential Oil. SniffleEase is also a part of the Kidscents line so it's pre-diluted for the little people in your life (recommended for ages 2 and up)!

Ready to make your DIY Chest Rub?

Follow these instructions!

Step 1: Melt organic coconut oil.

I melted the approximate amount of coconut oil to fit inside my upcycled jar (about .86 oz); adapt your recipe according to the size of you storage container.

Step 2: Add chosen essential oils.

I added 10 drops of SniffleEase and 10 drops of Peppermint to my DIY.

Let the coconut oil solidify before using your DIY Chest Rub. I'm so excited to have this DIY available throughout the remainder of my pregnancy to battle the constant congestion.

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