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DIY Fabric Softener

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything?

One of the biggest recommendations I like to give to individuals who are wanting to start their low-tox, low-waste journey is to start with your laundry products! Whatever you wash your clothes in is going to be absorbed into your skin so having safe, clean ingredients is a must! Don't settle for the cheap chemical filled products.

Natural Living Family shared an article in 2019 that specifies several common harmful ingredients you might find in your laundry products:

-Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

-Sodium Laureth Sulfate

-Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLS/ SLES)



-Chlorine Bleach

-Ammonium Sulfate

-Dioxane (1,4 Dioxane/ Diethylene Dioxide/ Diethylene Ether/ Dioxan)

You can read the article here for more details behind why you should avoid these ingredients. Another great resource available to you is to download the Think Dirty App and start scanning the items around your home to see on the scale of 1-10 of toxic some of the ingredients are. What I like most about the app is that it not only flags different ingredients to avoid, but also tells you why the ingredients should avoided.

My grandma passed away from ovarian cancer and the foundation I was using before I started my low-tox journey contained an ingredient flagged by the Think Dirty App to be a possible link to causing ovarian cancer. THIS is why it's so important to know what ingredients we are bringing into our homes.

So if you are new to the low-tox lifestyle, start with this simple DIY Fabric Softener recipe to begin the process of switching over to clean ingredients.

I also recommend washing and reusing an old glass jar to store your DIY home products. Less waste for the environment is always a good idea!

I will also have items linked to my Amazon storefront if you are needing to purchase new to make your DIY Fabric Softener. As always, if you need to order Young Living Essential Oils, order here or send me an email {} if you have questions!

DIY Fabric Softener Ingredient List:

~Unscented Epsom Salts

~Lavender Essential Oil

~Lemon Essential Oil

~Orange Essential Oil

~Citronella Essential Oil (for Spring/Summer)

Lavender is an optional calming agent that I added to this DIY. Lemon and Orange are both magic for whitening and removing stains so they are a must to have on hand for laundry softener. Citronella is a must for the Spring and Summer seasons, as it naturally helps keep the bugs away!

Add 20 drops of each essential oil and store the unscented epsom salts in an airtight jar. Use about 1/4 cup (or less) per load of laundry.

Did you love this DIY? Let me know by tagging me on Instagram, share the recipe on Pinterest or send me an email {}! I'd love to connect and help you get started with low-tox living!



PS - Have a special request for the next DIY recipe? Email me at!

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