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DIY Holiday Room Spray

Do you still have Christmas shopping to do? ⁣ I do 🤦‍♀️⁣ ⁣ This year I’ve committed to making more homemade and DIY gifts and I’m using old wrapping paper instead of buying new cutesy ones from Target that I want. 🙈⁣

I also know there are SO many homemade and DIY gifts available at my fingertips through the world of essential oils. You can easily customize gifts too based on your friends and family's favorite oily blends.

Here's an easy DIY gift that's a typical crowd pleaser!! ✨

⁣ ⁣ Holiday Room Spray:

•10 drops Christmas Spirit ⁣ •10 drops Orange ⁣ •5 drops Pure Vanilla ⁣ •5 drops Cinnamon Bark ⁣ •Splash of Witch Hazel ⁣ •Distilled Water ⁣

Each gift was wrapped with Aldi's tissue paper and these adorable gift tags from Amazon that I bought last Christmas.

The Holiday Room Spray labels were designed by my sweet friend Abagail. She takes custom orders directly through Instagram. Contact her here. 🎄⁣

⁣ I just made 5 of these for my sweet Bible Study friends. We are currently doing Jennie Allen study PROVEN and I cannot recommend it enough! ⁣

Are you making homemade, DIY or oily gifts this year?

Let me know what you are creating!



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