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DIY Lip Scrub

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

You know it's winter when you are sitting at home enduring yet another snow day.

Winter serves a purpose and I certainly wouldn't want to wish my life away, but the cold weather does take a toll on my body. Dry skin and cracked lips can especially be a problem. After days of cracked, achy lips I decided to attempt making a DIY Lip Scrub and I couldn't be happier with the results!

I made a rather large batch of lip scrub that will probably last me over a year. I'll share my exact recipe and an alternative single use recipe just in case you want to make a smaller scale version.

Here's a list of the ingredients I used:

~ Organic Blue Agave Syrup

~ Granulated Sugar

~ Organic Coconut Oil*

~ Haitian Vanilla

~ Frankincense Essential Oil

~ Lavender Essential Oil

~ Grapefruit Essential Oil

*Fractionated {liquid} Coconut Oil would be better! I had to melt my Coconut Oil down to make this DIY. You can find a great organic brand on Amazon.

Step 1: Measure 1/2 cup of sugar and mix it with 5 tablespoons of Agave Syrup.

You could also use honey instead of agave syrup. I happened to have more agave syrup than honey in our pantry and didn't want to use all of it on my DIY. I always recommend using whatever you have in your pantry verses going out and buying new ingredients if you don't have to.

Step 2: Melt 1/2 cup coconut oil and stir in with the sugar/syrup mix.

Step 3: Add Essential Oils.

I used essential oils (Frankincense and Lavender!!!) that are wonderful for your skin and seasonal mood support.

~ 20 drops Lavender

~ 5 drops Frankincense

~10 drops of Grapefruit

Grapefruit and really any of the citrus oils are wonderful for seasonal support that I always need during winter!

If you are not a member of Young Living and you want to join the community, check out more information here.

Step 4: Add a splash of Vanilla.

You can add more or less depending on how much you like vanilla! Vanilla is an optional ingredient.

Step 5: Mix thoroughly and enjoy!

If you are wanting to make this same DIY for a single use, adapt the recipe accordingly:

~ 1 tablespoon sugar

~ 1/2 tablespoon blue agave syrup

~ 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

~ 1 drop Frankincense

~ 2 drops Lavender

~ 1 drop Grapefruit

~ Splash of Vanilla (optional)

I used my DIY Lip Scrub after mixing all the ingredients well and allowing the mixture to sit for a few minutes.

Once the mixture has settled, rub a small amount of the DIY Lip Scrub and let it sit on your lips for a minute or two. Rinse well with warm water and add a moisturizer immediately when you are finished. Any type of skin exfoliation needs to be followed up with nourishment or your just going to dry out the skin you are trying to care for!

BEFORE using the DIY Lip Scrub.

After using the DIY Lip Scrub.

My lips feel SO much better after using this lip scrub! Plus, I love finding ways to create natural, non-toxic products for my home using ingredients from my pantry. As always, I recommend upcycling an old glass jar or bottle to make your DIYs.

If you do need to purchase any items for your pantry to make this DIY, check out my Amazon storefront to gather all your ingredients.

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