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DIY Natural Perfume

Did you know that the average woman applies 515 chemicals on her body in a 24 hour period?

Yes! It's true and absolutely mind-blowing to think about.

Read this article published by Huffington Post for more information.

One way you can combat adding synthetic chemicals to your body is by making your own natural products for your home. If you are busy and have 10,000 items on your to-do list each day the thought of making your own natural products might sound overwhelming. The good news is that Young Living is a one stop shop for natural, safe products for your home. If you haven't signed up to be a Young Living member (aka 24% discount forever), you can sign up here.

I used to be in a so-busy-I-cannot-breathe season of life and so I was insanely intimidated by DIYs and making my own natural products. The trick is to simply begin and not let those feelings of insecurity stop you from moving forward. If you want natural, safe products for your home you CAN make them. It's not a competition - slow and steady wins the race!

One of the items I knew I needed to DIY for my own was perfume. A quick scan on perfume labels will reveal the word fragrance.

Fragrance is a word to avoid when choosing safe, non-toxic perfume. The company using the word fragrance is not disclosing the actual complete list of ingredients in the product. The lack of accountability often leads to hormone disrupters and many harmful synthetic chemicals being added to the perfume. You can read more on this topic here. I highly suggest doing your own research on this topic!

Now let's dive into what you need to make your own DIY Natural Perfume. The first item you will need is a spray bottle or a perfume roller bottle. My DIY for today is made with a perfume roller. You can often find really unique perfume rollers or spray bottles at thrift stores or estate sales! Amazon and Etsy also carry great options! The perfume roller I used can be found on Etsy for less than $5. I call that a money saving win!

Next, choose your favorite essential oil scents. Young Living essential oils are the purest you can buy ~ certified organic, non-GMO and FDA compliant. In addition, Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world that owns all of their farms AND does thorough third-party testing to ensure quality. No harmful chemicals are ever used on their farms. You can schedule a visit to Young Living's farms anytime - how's that for transparency?!

I recommend testing the essential oil blend before you make your perfume roller. An easy way to test the scent is to take off all the lids off of the essential oil bottles, gather the bottles near your nose and breathe deeply. If the combination doesn't suit you, try adding or eliminating an oil.

Here's my tried and true recipe. If you need ideas, let's brainstorm your perfect blend on Instagram!

DIY Natural Perfume

+50 drops White Angelica

+60 drops Joy

+60 drops Lemon

+10 drops Copaiba

Since I was out of White Angelica and Copaiba, this time around I added a carrier oil (Grapeseed Oil - you could choose Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and many others) and used a smaller amount of essential oils.

Adapted Recipe:

+20 drops Joy Essential Oil

+50 drops Lemon Essential Oil

+Grapeseed Oil

If you try making your own perfume, let me know!

For more ideas and DIY inspiration, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram!



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