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DIY Photo Wall with Chatbooks

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

I love taking photos. I'm obsessed. No, I don't plan to open a photography business anytime soon, but I do truly enjoy capturing beautiful images. Call me mushy, but I also love creating photo albums and printing physical copies of my photos.

One of my favorite companies for creating affordable photo keepsakes is called Chatbooks. Chatbooks is easy to use for a busy momma like me! I love that I can upload photos straight from my phone and every time I upload 60 photos I have a photo album that shows up straight to my door!

In addition to the photo albums, I receive 5 photo prints from the book. I can pick and choose which 5 photos I want with each book. I try to save these photos and use them at Christmas time to label Christmas gifts. If I can, I try to give each family member or family group a photo memory with that person/group within the past calendar year.

Here's the thing though, I order Chatbooks regularly so I have a TON of extra prints. I've been trying to think of how I can display the photos in our home so I decided to make a DIY Photo Wall in our bedroom.

Here's the final project:

While this post is not sponsored by Chatbooks, I will share my $10 off promo code with you if you're interested in making your own sweet photo book! Use the promo code MADISON_DICK-TTT3 towards your first photo book.

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