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DIY Thieves Wipes

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We've been cleaning 24/7 at our house for the past few days (no, not because of the coronavirus) because of our upcoming move. Something about "spring cleaning" just feels really good .

One item I wished I had over the past few days is the Thieves Wipes. Young Living sells them pre-made and they are basically a natural plant-based alternative to Clorox wipes. I figured I might as well try DIY-ing some of my own for our next deep clean and with all the stress of the coronavirus I could use some extra cleaning wipes laying around, right?

Here's what you need:

-Thieves Cleaner OR Thieves Essential Oil

-Paper Towels OR reusable cloths

-Jar to store wipes


The recipe I used includes the Thieves Cleaner and paper towels so I will start with those instructions first.

Step 1: Roll out the amount of paper towels will fit into your storage container.

When I did this I simply ripped amount the amount of paper towels I thought would work, but I read afterwards that some people actually cut the paper towel roll in half. I think that would honestly work better than what I did! Try whatever you think is best!

Step 2: Pour 2 capfuls of Thieves Cleaner over the paper towels.

Step 3: Add water.

I guessed here with the appropriate amount. I didn't want the wipes to be too soggy and I was happy with how they turned out. Again, customize according to how many paper towels you are using and the size of your storage container.

Step 4: Let the mixture soak and then you're ready to use!

**I would recommend using old rags or dish cloths to make this DIY more sustainable and eco-friendly. The amount of Thieves Cleaner and water remains the same as the original recipe.

***If you use Thieves Essential Oil, I would recommend adding 30-50 drops of Thieves to make your DIY wipes. All the other instructions should remain the same as the original recipe.

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