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Essential Oils for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is such a beautiful gift and simultaneously stirs new waves of anxiety in me as I think about bringing a new baby into this world.

How will I stay healthy during my pregnancy?

How do I avoid getting sick?

Am I supposed to eat that?

I am 33 weeks pregnant and all of those questions have entered my mind 1,000+ times (and many other questions).

Here's a few oily tips that have helped ME throughout each trimester...

***As always, I am not a doctor and recommend consulting with your doctor for any questions you have regarding pregnancy and using certain products.

First Trimester

The first clue that I was pregnant was my sudden distaste for my favorite beverage, coffee.I consider myself very fortunate that I did not have very severe symptoms or sickness. But, I did experience nausea and very strong feelings towards eating (or not eating) certain foods. Here's what that helped me the most during the first trimester:

Peppermint Essential Oil:

-diffuse to support energy levels

-rub 1 drop of peppermint and lemon to your wrists for mood and energy support in the morning

-apply 1 drop to your stomach for nausea support

-make a nausea roller with 5-10 drops of Peppermint and a carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil)

-add 1 drop to your water in the afternoon (make sure you are drinking out of a glass/stainless steal cup when ingesting essential oils)

*Peppermint is a "hot oil" so don't accidentally touch your face after handling Peppermint.

Second Trimester

I noticed that my sleep suffered more during the second trimester. I also became increasingly uncomfortable (it gets worse during the third trimester too). Here's what helped me the most during the second trimester:

Lavender Essential Oil

-diffuse at night with Orange Essential Oil for sleep support

-make a sleep roller (5-10 drops plus fractionated coconut oil) and apply to the bottoms of your feet before bed

-make a DIY sleep spray (recipe posted on the blog)

Digize Essential Oil

-1 or 2 drops on your stomach to support your digestive system (majorly slows down during pregnancy)

Copaiba Essential Oil

-Apply 2 drops to Seedlings Baby Lotion and make your hubby rub your swollen pregnant feet (works wonders!)

Third Trimester

This is where I am currently and let me tell you - I would not want to be pregnant without the power and tools that essential oils provide! Here's what has helped me most during this trimester (so far):

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

-rub 2 drops on your chest for heartburn support (dilute it down with a carrier oil if you prefer)

-diffuse at night for sleep support

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

-diffuse for stress support with Idaho Blue Spruce

Release Essential Oil

-apply 1 drop behind the ears and the crown of your head

Have questions about essential oil safety and pregnancy? Send me an email at! Stay tuned for a new post coming soon about essential oil tips for labor and birth!

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PS - all of our beautiful beach maternity photos were captured by Lindsay Weber Photography.

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