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Unique Galentine's Day Ideas

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

It's February!! That statement might bring tears of joy because the never-ending month of January is over or maybe you're cringing because you hate Valentine's Day. Regardless of your feelings about Valentine's Day, anything I can do to make post-Christmas winter more enjoyable gets me excited.

Winter blues are REAL and we could all use some spring sunshine right about now. So let's make the best of February with these unique gal pal themed events!!

1. Host a Clothing Swap.

One of my favorite events to do with my girlfriends is to host a clothing swap. This event will cost you $0 and you will walk away with probably an entirely new wardrobe. Some of my most favorite dresses and outfits are from clothing swaps that our church organized.

One of my favorite clothing swap finds was this hat! I wore it constantly until my Meadow pup ate the rim of the hat and I had to throw it away.

The idea is simple, donate gently used clothing to the swap and walk away with new-to-you items. You can host a smaller gathering in someone's home or do a bigger event open to the community like we did at church. I'm an includer so my natural inclination is to invite the whole world, but a smaller gathering would be a lot less work.

We made a rule to only bring women's clothing only simply because if you clean our your kid's and hubby's closet the clothes really do pile up and it's a bit overwhelming. We always had more clothing leftover than what people took home so the leftovers would be donated to local non-profits.

2. DIY Girls Night

If you're interested in making more low-waste, low-tox products for your home, what better way to do this than with your girlfriends?! One thing I love about this concept is that you can spilt the cost for buying bulk supplies. For example, I'd really like to try making DIY foundation, but I don't want to spent $100 on myself to buy all the ingredients (even though it would be more cost-effective in the long run).

Here's a few fun ideas:

+DIY Coconut Sugar Scrub (this one is PINK!!)

+DIY Natural Perfume (sooo customizable!)

+DIY Body Spray (try my Warm Vanilla Sugar recipe!)

3. Pajama Movie Night!

Grab your favorite girly chick-flick, throw on some festive pajamas and have a slumber party! Popcorn, La Croix and snacks are a must!

My favorite movie to watch (ever!!!) is called About Time. Some think it's cheesy, but it's my favorite romantic comedy. It makes me laugh and makes me cry. My second favorite choice would probably be the newest version of Pride and Prejudice!

What's your favorite movie you would bring to a girls only pajama night? Let me know on Instagram!

4. Jewelry Making Event

Last year, some friends and I had a diffuser bracelet event at my house. My friend Shelby is the queen at creating beautiful jewelry and you can find her creations on Etsy! We had SO much fun! We each made a custom bracelet (or two). Check Hobby Lobby for sales on their jewelry supplies or ask to borrow some of the items from a friend!

Another fun idea would be to create custom stamped bracelets, like my friend Karis is selling to raise funds for her to go on the World Race next year. I ordered several from her to use as birthday and Christmas gifts for family members. You could contact her to organize a fun Girls Night and support her missions trip simultaneously. She also makes custom essential oil bookmarks and jewelry! Your options are endless.

5. Attend a Galentine's Day Event together!

Find a local or online girls event to attend together with some of your favorites!

I'm originally from Springfield, MO so if I still lived there I would definitely be attending the Galentine's Party at LightBox. LightBox recently hosted a Vision Board party in January that also looked amazing. If there's nothing in your area that looks exciting, plan an event!

Last March, I co-hosted an Enneagram and Oil Workshop with my dear friends Lizzie and Shelby. We love chatting about the enneagram (if you are curious, I recommend reading The Road Back to You) and we love essential oils so why not create an event surrounding some of our favorite topics?

THIS February (13th @ 8 PM CST) I am co-hosting an online Girls Night In event with my friend Katie! All participants will receive a non-toxic lip balm, a sample of Lavender Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil.

During the class we will discuss:  -incorporating essential oils in your beauty routine  -hormone support  -emotional support  -exclusive DIY recipes 

-exclusive giveaways -all themed for your girls night!

Register here!!!

Have questions about the Girls Night In or how to start your own? Message me on Instagram or send me an email at



PS - if you aren't following my sis in law (Kali) on Instagram, than you should stop what you are doing right now and find her! She will give you all the essential oil and low-waste tips.

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