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Goodbye Garden Pests

Do you love to garden?

Last year I had a small container garden of tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos. My tomatoes were the most successful of the three plants and we snacked on cute little cherry tomatoes all summer long.


But we all know one of the annoyances of gardening is dealing with those pesky bugs. They love to wiggle their way into our beloved plants and enjoy the fruits of our hard work.

My friend Angelina (@willowpineessentials on Instagram) shared an amazing DIY recipe she used to get rid of the Japanese Beetles that were snacking on her zinnias.

Best of all? Angelina's recipe doesn't contain any harsh chemicals or pesticides that are known to cause harmful implications for our health and the environment.

Here's what you need:

-16 oz glass spray bottle


-Rosemary Essential Oil

-Clove Essential Oil

-Peppermint Essential Oil

Step 1: Add 15-20 drops of each essential oil to the glass spray bottle.

Step 2: Top off with water.

Step 3: Spray generously on your plants to prevent or get rid of garden pests.

Step 4: Repeat once a week or after it rains.

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