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How to Switch to a Low Tox Home

When I first started reading about all the potential issues different ingredients may be causing for my health, I was overwhelmed.

Where do I begin?

How do I begin?

I want to make a big difference in our home and fast, but also on a budget.

Is this even possible?

Enter Young Living. I am now getting 25% cash back (that I can turn around and use in points) on all of my orders. I don't even have to leave the house! All of my household, beauty, personal care, supplements and essential oils come straight to my door in a 100% customizable wellness box called Essential Rewards.

Yep. I get to choose what I get every month. And I get free promos every month from Young Living depending on how much I spend. I'm free to stop and start my orders at any time so there's no weird commitment. The only requirement is that I spent a minimum of 50 PV (which is about $50) to place my order.

$50 is so affordable for our budget because we transferred money we were already spending at Amazon, Target or Walmart to Young Living. Over time we were able to place bigger orders without breaking the bank!

The best Target can do is 5% cash back.

Amazon? 5% cash back (in points).

Young Living? 25%* cash back.

Did I mention that I can also order food products, baby wipes, shampoo, tea and more?

Here's some ideas for your next Essential Rewards order:

The Essential Rewards program is truly how my family was about to switch out home to safe, low tox products. We couldn't afford to switch as quickly as we did without the perks Young Living offers!

Here is a quick guide to a One Year Plan to a Toxin Free Home:

If you're ready for more information on how to sign up for the Essential Rewards program, send me an email at and I will help you get set up and make a game plan that works best for your family!

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*The Essential Rewards program starts at 10% cash back, goes to 20% cash back after three months and then 25% cash back after one year.

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