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June Workshops

Are you feeling overwhelmed about how to use essential oils? I have two fun workshops available to you in the month of June that will help answer your questions and equip you with some recipes to incorporate essential oils into your daily life.

Free, online workshop on June 24 @ 7 PM

The Myths and Essential Oils class is for all of my friends who are skeptics. If you have doubts about using essential oils, this class is for you. Trust me, I was the skeptic once upon a time. I went to a close friend and asked her, "Is this a scam?"

The schedule includes the following:

+ Are essential oils safe?

+ Is there proof or science behind essential oils?

+ Can't I just buy essential oils at Walmart?

+ What exactly are essential oils?

+ I don't want to buy from a MLM. Isn't this a scam?

+ It's too overwhelming to use essential oils?

+ Oils are too expensive.

+ Do I have to build a business?

+ Do I have to order monthly?

If you are a non-Young Living member or you are currently on my Young Living team, click here to join the class. Because the class is online, you can always go back through the information at a later date if you miss the information "live."

Note: I am giving away a 10 ml of Valor Essential Oil to one person for commenting on the posts in the class so don't forget to drop a comment or ask a question!

Friday, June 21st @ 4 PM

The second free workshop available this month is for all the ladies! My mom, sis and I have a fun birthday tradition of going and getting our nails done in April or May each year. What fun traditions do you do with your favorite ladies each year? This workshop will give you some new ideas! Bonus: they are non-toxic!

The schedule includes the following:

+ Orange Essential Oil Lip Scrub

+ DIY Toner

+ Joy Essential Oil Roller

+ Oatmeal, Honey, Lavender + Frank Exfoliating Face Mask

+ Pro Plus

+ Diffuser Blend Ideas

Comment on any of the posts to win a free recipe book full of more ideas for your next Girls Night! Join the workshop here.

If you have a question that you'd like to be answered during the workshops, send me an email at!

Happy June!



Find me on Instagram: @joyfulworldessentials.

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