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Learn the basics here. What are essential oils? How do I use essential oils? How do I get started?

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

When I first started learning about essential oils I became quickly overwhelmed. Thank goodness I had my sis-in-law to be my oily guide and guru and teach me all the things I needed to know. That's who I get to be for you.

Hi, I'm Madi. Your oily guide + guru.

Essential oils are simply plants in liquid form. Essential oils contain plant properties in highly concentrated amounts. For example, one drop of peppermint essential oil in your body is about the same as drinking 22 cups of peppermint tea. So essential oils are powerful tools to help us take care of our health.

Here's the scary thing about the essential oil world. The FDA does not regulate the essential oil industry, so in order for a bottle to say "100% pure essential oil" the bottle only has to contain 2-5% of pure essential oil. That means that the rest of the bottle could contain chemicals and fillers that aren't the pure essential oil. If we are pursuing non-toxic health I don't want chemicals in my essential oils.

Enter Young Living. Young Living is the world leader in the essential oil industry, with 25 years of experience. Young Living is the only essential oil company in the world that owns their own farms, is non-gmo certified and works with the FDA. No other company in the world is FDA compliant to be ingested. Don't consume essential oils from any other company!

Young Living Essential Oils

There are three ways to use Young Living Essential Oils: Topically, Aromatically, and by Ingestion.

+ TOPICALLY means to apply directly to the body. We always recommend you dilute your YLEO with a carrier oil – like coconut oil or grapeseed oil – until, at the very least, you know how your body is going to react to the oils. Many essential oils are “hot” oils, so you’ll always use a carrier oil with them. (Thieves, PanAway, and Peppermint are all examples of hot oils that should be diluted.)

+ AROMATICALLY means to breathe in the oils. In your kit, you’ll get a diffuser, and that’s the easiest way to use essential oils, but you can also put a drop or two in your hands and cup them over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. You could even put a little essential oils on a cotton ball and stick it into the vents of your car!

+ INGESTING your oils means to swallow them – either in drink or food, or by filling a vegetable capsule. Some people are very comfortable with ingesting and others aren’t. This is a very personal choice and no one here will ever judge you based on your decision either way. Not all oils are made to be ingested, so please refer to the label of each oil for proper usage instructions. NOTE: All “Vitality” oils are part of Young Living’s dietary oils line and can be ingested if you choose to do so.

How do I get started? This is the BIG question with a simple answer. Grab the Premium Stater Kit to begin your journey. Follow the link here to sign up! The Premium Stater Kit comes with 12 of the most popular essential oils, the most beautiful diffuser (you get to choose which diffuser) and more goodies from Young Living that you will soon be obsessed with.

The Premium Stater Kit!

Here's the breakdown of all items in the PSK:

+ Desert Mist Diffuser (runs for up to 10 hours and has a candle flicker setting you will love)

+ Frankincense (amazing for your skin and stress support)

+ Lavender (sleep support)

+ Panaway (wonderful support for aches and pains)

+ Raven (decongestant support)

+ Stress Away (put this in your hair + diffuser asap)

+ Valor (courage support)

+ Peace and Calming (stress support)

+ Peppermint Vitality (headache support)

+ Digize Vitality (upset tummy support)

+ Lemon Vitality (gets sharpie off of walls)

+ Thieves Vitality (immunity support)

+ Citrus Fresh Vitality (deodorizing support)

+ 2 Roller Fitments (go handy for travel)

+ 2 Ningxia Red Packets (antioxidant rich drink)

+ Thieves Household Cleaner (amazing cleaner for all surfaces)

+ Thieves Hand Purifier (you'll never want another hand purifier again)

The overall value is more than $400 so the Premium Stater Kit is definitely the best value for your money spent. Choose to use your Premium Stater Kit as your first Essential Rewards order and Young Living will include another free product for no extra cost.

If you're ready to join the Joyful World Tribe click here.

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