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Low Tox DIYs with Vinegar

What is low tox living?

This famous phrase was actually made popular by Alex Stuart. Stuart wrote the book Low Tox Life (which I highly recommend) in which she narrates why we should all be pursuing a lifestyle that reduces our exposure to toxic chemicals. Stuart recognizes that the average, busy human probably cannot truly control every single environment they walk into to be 100% toxin free, thus she coined the term "low tox living."

In a nutshell, low tox living is "a lifestyle that = careful consideration for the food we eat, for the things we put on ourselves, for the things we surround ourselves with and also what's going on in our minds" - Alex Stuart on The Primal Shift 

Okay. So now that we've established what the definition of low tox, let's talk more about my bff, vinegar. I know that's weird to say I'm bffs with vinegar. But seriously, vinegar does so many things for our health, home and budget!

The very first DIY I ever did was to make my own low tox household cleaner with vinegar and essential oils. When I first started investigating the various ingredients I should be avoiding for my health I was stressed out, overwhelmed and terrified when I looked at our budget. Vinegar made me confident that I could indeed make positive, low tox changes for our home.

I'm confident you can make low tox changes too.

Here's a list of simple, vinegar based DIYs you can start making today:

DIY Dishwasher Rinse Aid

~Use a simple combination of vinegar and Lemon Essential Oil for make this simple DIY. Find the recipe here.

DIY All Purpose Household Cleaner

~16 oz of distilled vinegar

~30 drops of essential oils

*Tea Tree Essential Oil, Thieves Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Purification Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil are great options, just to name a few!

**Amazon has a great kit for getting started with making your own low tox DIYs.

DIY Cleaning Wipes

~Click on the link above to read the original recipe. Use vinegar instead of Thieves Household Cleaner and then add any of the essential oils mentioned above!

DIY Hair Rinse

~Use apple cider vinegar for this recipe. Find the recipe here.

Unclog Your Sink

~1 cup distilled vinegar

~1 cup warm water

~5 to 10 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Get Rid of Mold

~Read several low tox ways to get rid of mold here!

Clean Your Diffuser

~Spray down your diffuser with vinegar and water about once a month to keep everything working in tip top condition!

I hope this inspires you to grab some distilled vinegar next time you are at the grocery store and get started making some wonderful low tox DIYs for your home.

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