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Low Tox V-Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

If you are panicking because Valentine's Day is in two days and you still haven't come up with something cute for your girlfriends, co-workers for significant other - HAVE NO FEAR.

I like giving thoughtful gifts, but I don't want to break my budget in the process. And I am definitely an Includer (Strength's Finder, anyone???), so I want to give 100 little gifts.

Here's a few fun Valentine's Day gift ideas that I'd recommend! You can ALWAYS reuse and upcycle old glass bottles and jars to make these gifts. If you want to make them look a bit more cohesive, check out Amazon for endless possibilities to make your gifts super adorable.

1. Heart Shaped Peppermint Brownies

My most favorite brownies actually come from a box from Aldi! I'm not kidding, these brownies are the best and people gobble them up. Make them Valentine's themed by cutting them into heart shapes to share with your co-workers or family members. Add some pink sprinkles to jazz them up!

2. Lavender Bath Salts

Another super adorable DIY that is perfect for Valentine's Day! Reuse your old essential oil bottles or empty jars laying around the house to make this gift. I love the "mini" look for making the bath salts for the masses. Amazon has super cute mini glass bottles that I've been eyeing for a long time. Spice this gift up with organic flower buds from a local shop or order on Amazon.

3. Love Potions

Grab an old essential oil bottle and gift a DIY "love potion" this Valentine's Day! Some people call this DIY a "diffuser bomb." Mix and match your own creations that are perfect for perfume or diffusing.

Essential Oil Combo Ideas:

+Patchouli (30 drops)

+Ylang Ylang (30 drops)

+Tangerine (30 drops)

+Joy (30 drops)

+Bergamot (30 drops)

+Lime (30 drops)

+Ylang Ylang (30 drops)

+Lavender (30 drops)

+Orange (30 drops)

4. Lip Scrub

Pucker up, buttercup!! If you are wanting a cute DIY to gift your friends this lip scrub is what all of our winter lips need. Find the recipe here.

5. Coconut Sugar Scrub

Now this DIY is PINK so obviously you need it for Valentine's Day. I've been using this recipe for about a month now and my skin is silky smooth every time I use it! Such a wonderful idea to make February brighter. I snagged these cute mason jars on Amazon.

6. Pillow Talk Spray

A great gift for your significant other! ;)

Ylang Ylang (10 drops)

Cypress (10 drops)

Orange (10 drops)

Witch Hazel (splash)


I recommend added the essential oils first, then the splash of witch hazel and finally top of the spray with water!

Happy Valentine's Day, loves!!



PS - Loved my Valentine's Day ideas? Let me know by connecting on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or send me an email {}.

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