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Natural Bug Spray

Updated: May 9, 2020

Sometimes I feel like I attract all of the bugs. I was sitting at The Coffee Ethic a few years ago reading a book and a bee would not leave me alone. In fact, this bee kept trying to land in my hair. I was waving my hands in the air and shaking my head to scare the bee away. That did not work at all. I only embarrassed myself in front of the other people sitting there drinking delicious lattes.

The point of my silly story is to that you should wear essential oils to keep the bugs away! Make this DIY spray to take with you when you go camping or spend the evening outside catching fireflies. Or take this DIY recipe and put it in a10 ml roller so you can conveniently put the roller in your purse or carry on. (You could also use an empty essential oil bottle instead of purchasing the roller directly from Amazon. The roller top fitment from your Premium Stater Kit works perfectly on any of Young Living's essential oil bottles.)

Here's a recipe I used last year that has been working well.

DIY Bug Spray

What You Need:

-2 oz glass spray bottle from Amazon

-Distilled Water

-Witch Hazel

-Citronella Essential Oil

-Geranium Essential Oil

-Lemongrass Essential Oil

-Peppermint Essential Oil

-Purification Essential Oil

Add your essential oils to the spray bottle first. Then add 1/4 part witch hazel and 3/4 part water. Shake well and then you are ready to hit the trails!

My friend Abagail makes these adorable labels. You can send her a message and she will customize a label for your essential oil accessories. Find her on Instagram here.

Please note, little ones need slightly altered recipes. If you are wanting to make this for your kiddo then change the recipe to Purification EO, Citronella EO and Lavender EO - only 2 drops of each for your littles.

Essential Oil Dilution Chart for Kids

Where's your next adventure? Kyle and I definitely enjoy hiking and do not go enough.

Some of our favorite hiking memories include:

Mt Ulriken, Norway

Nouvelle Terrain, Haiti

Ile de la Tortue, Haiti

Busiek State Park

Saint Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park

Did we miss one of your favorite trails? Let us know in the comments. We'll add it to our list to visit *hopefully* soon. Follow our adventures on Instagram here.

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