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Natural Tips for Clogged Ducts and Mastitis

A quick disclaimer before you read this post:

I am not a doctor and do not intend to treat or cure any disease based on the information in this post. If you think you have mastitis, call your doctor!

I woke up at 4 am with super intense pain. I thought to myself, "You've given birth before. Quit being a baby." But the pain was intense and I figured something was off. A quick search on the web helped me identify that I was probably experiencing pain related to a clogged duct or mastitis.

I nursed my sweet baby girl who woke up when she heard me walking around our room. That helped tremendously even though nursing was also painful. Many ladies reached out to me with helpful tips that I thought I would share on the blog in case I ever run into this issue again.

I monitored myself closely. I believe I had a clogged duct and not a full blown infection. I never had a fever or any visible redness. If you have a fever or any redness, call your doctor immediately and get some antibiotics. The beauty of the modern age is that we have access to wonderful medicine that can help us when needed.

Here are 12 Natural Tips for Clogged Ducts + Mastitis:

1. Use a warm compress.

2. Take a hot shower.

3. Pump/Hand Expression

4. Support Your Immune System with Vitamin C, Zinc, Etc.

5. Stay hydrated with tons of water!

6. Ditch your bra.

7. Try Tandem Nursing.

8. Nurse on the infected side every 2 hours.

9. Take Sunflower lecithin.

10. Soak in Epsom salts.

11. Try a cold compress!

12. Rest, rest, rest.

Bonus tip! Try rubbing coconut oil with 1-2 drops of Lavender Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil on the clogged duct. This worked wonders for me. Joy Essential Oil would also work (because it contains Geranium in it).

Want to try out a specific oil? You can order at Don't forget to add my member number before you check out: 14071865.

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