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Nontoxic PSL Hand Soap

Pumpkin Spice Latte season is here! I'm the person who loves Pumpkin everything and all the fun fall traditions (apple picking, pumpkin patch, all the baking, etc). I used to buy cheap fall scented soaps and candles at the grocery store for this time of year, but now I make my own non-toxic version! Not only is this better for my budget, but I am able to enjoy the glorious PSL scent for fall.

If you are new to this nontoxic life, nontoxic means it doesn’t contain any fragrance, synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic dyes, SLS, etc.

What I used:

unscented liquid castile soap

•distilled water

•2 drops of Nutmeg EO

•2 drops of Ginger EO

•1 drop Clove EO

•4 drops Thieves EO

•2 drops Cinnamon Bark EO

Mix it all together + enjoy!

Here's a quick video tutorial that I made earlier this week. The recipe differs slightly from the blog post, but either recipe will work well for this DIY.

If you are needing a reusable hand soap dispenser, Amazon has some great options!

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