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Nursery Tour

Updated: May 19, 2020

This post was sponsored by KeaBabies! Huge thank you to KeaBabies for the wonderful opportunity to work with a fantastic company that is committed to providing wonderful products for babies and their parents. All opinions in this post are 100% my own!

We are in week 36 of pregnancy (week 37 starts on Thursday). I am completely uncomfortable, struggling to sleep and trying to prepare for baby all at once!

Our nursery tour may not be what you expect. We don't have a crib or any decor on the walls, but I'm not worried about it. We will get everything organized with time.

If you are also an expecting mama don't let the pressure to have everything done get to you! One of our pregnancy apps said we needed to start our child's college savings fund weeks ago. I read that statement out loud to my husband and we both laughed really hard (kuddos to you if you have started your child's college savings fund already).

Approach each day with open hands and do your best. I'll probably share a nursery room update after she arrives with more finalized details.

One addition to our baby girl's nursery is the KeaBabies Organic Burp Cloths. I am obsessed with how soft they are and I'm packing one for our hospital bag. I know most women have said I do not need to bring them to the hospital, but one mom who recently gave birth said her hospital was upset with her for not bringing more supplies (including a burp cloth) due to the lack of supplies the hospital had because of COVID-19.

KeaBabies mantra is so perfect for motherhood:

Parenting is awesome.

Sleep is overrated.

Everyday is an adventure.

If you are interested in shopping at KeaBabies be sure to visit their website:

Use the code KEA-JOYFUL15 for 15% off your entire order on the store with FREE shipping in the USA. The discount is active for April and May 2020.

I can't wait to meet our sweet baby girl! Be prepared for all the baby spam on Instagram!



PS - We ordered several items from Amazon that we will add to our nursery very soon! If you are curious to see our new additions, you can view our "Baby" list on my Amazon storefront! Any purchases made through my list will help support my blog at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for visiting.

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