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Sweet Dreams Spray

Anyone else have a tendency to stay up way too late?

I guess that tendency makes me a "night owl." Part of my problem, in particular, with staying up past my bedtime is simply not having good boundaries with technology and screen time.

I've read about the neurological issues too much screen time can cause (here's an interesting article about screen time impacting brain development in preschoolers) and I definitely know I sleep better when my phone isn't in the bedroom with me. I've been challenged numerous times to get a real alarm clock so I'm not using that as an excuse to keep the phones out of the bedroom and just haven't done it yet.

There's quite a few other health habits I can adapt into my routine for better sleep:

+Avoid eating heavy meals before bedtime

+Avoid dark chocolate or caffeine before bedtime

+Avoid exercise before bedtime

+Drink a glass of hot tea or warm milk

+Parent my phone (put it to bed before I go to bed)

+Read before bedtime

I also turn our bedroom into a mini-spa so that I can rest peacefully. One way I do this is by filling our bedroom diffuser with sleep support oils.

Sleep Support Oils:



+Peace & Calming


+Stress Away

Another way I use essential oils to support wonderful sleep is by making my favorite Sweet Dreams Spray. This is such an easy DIY and it can be adapted to include your favorite sleep support oils.

Sweet Dreams Spray

+30 drops Lavender

+30 drops Stress Away

+20 drops Cedarwood

+splash of witch hazel

Spray generously on your pillows and sheets before bed!

In order to make this DIY, you'll need a few items from Amazon.

My favorite color is blue so I naturally gravitate to the blue glass spray bottles. Glass is better than plastic for sustainability reasons but also because you do not want the essential oils to break down and absorb the plastic bottle. Then you'd just be spraying a weird mix of essential oils and plastic all over your pillows.

You will also want to invest into some Witch Hazel. This helps the essential oils mix with the water. Otherwise you will simply have oils floating at the top of the spray bottle. Remember! You only need a "splash of Witch Hazel" in each individual spray bottle. I've heard epsom salts work as well for sprays and perfumes.

Lastly, invest into this label packet from Amazon! Labels are so handy around the kitchen, not just for DIYs. Amazon has the most affordable option I've found and the label package will last you for over a year.

Did you try the recipe?

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Sweet Dreams,


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