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5 Travel Tips with Nena

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Anyone else love planning trips?

Even if I'm not going anywhere, there's something encouraging about having a trip penciled in on my calendar.

My Top 2 favorite essential oils for travel inspiration are:

Believe: a blend of Balsam Canada, Coriander, Bergamot, Frankincense, Idaho Blue Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Geranium. I love this one when I'm needing inspiration. Add 6 drops to the diffuser with Tangerine or Orange Essential Oil.

Peppermint: perfect for motivation. Roll this on your wrists every morning to help you wake up and jump start your day. Great to take with you while traveling (especially if you are experiencing jet lag).

Grab your essential oils here and then start planning your next adventure!

I connected with Nena on Instagram (follow her here) and was so inspired by her family's adventures. I had the pleasure of interviewing Nena and asked her to share her travel wisdom with us.

Meet the family.

Favorite family vacation?

Renting an RV to visit Yosemite!

Nena: We are a family of four based in California. We travel periodically mostly in the summer when the kids are off from school. The kids love to camp and be in the pool most of the time. We enjoy hiking and relaxing on the beach as well, but travel allows us to see the beauty this world has to offer and it's a great way to educate our children.

Here's Nena's Top 5 Travel Tips

1. Travel Savings Account

Our family has a travel saving account. We have a certain amount taken from our paycheck every two weeks that goes directly into this account and we earn 3% cash back!

2. Cut Unnecessary Expenses

Stop paying for cable, fast food, nails, morning Starbucks coffee. Cut all unnecessary expenses and make travel a priority for your family. It takes sacrifice.

3. Use an Airline Credit Card

We have airline credit cards that helps us earn points/miles that we turn around and redeem for tickets, car rentals or hotel stays. This is only worth it if you travel continuously and there's no annual fee on the credit card.

4. Skyscanner App

We love to use the Skyscanner app to seek flights. You can input your travel dates and it will give you a price range to different places. Then you book your flights!

5. Explore At Home

If you are antsy to go on a trip become a tourist in your own city or state! Visit local places that you don't always get a chance to explore. Take a staycation.

PS - You don’t have to take a 7+ day vacation! We take advantage of school breaks and holidays for travel! For example, if we get a three day holiday we will sometimes add a day and take a 4 day vacation. Sometimes that extra day is all you need!

Thank you, Nena for these awesome travel tips! I feel inspired and ready to plan our next family adventure. Just for reading this post, here's a $25 off hotel credit from Nena!

Follow Nena and Poli on Instagram: _miniadventures_

Thanks for reading! Tell us about your next adventure!



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